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The Beautiful Backwater


Backwater fishing, as opposed to going miles offshore where you lose sight of land, offers much more to see. It's always something new when you fish the bays, rivers and creeks surrounding the seemingly limitless Ten Thousand Island area. Although most of my customers are serious fishermen, I welcome newcomers to the sport and will gladly teach specialties such as fly casting.

Marco is the largest of the Ten Thousand Islands and the mangrove forest is the largest in the western hemisphere. Literally 500 yards from Walker's Coon Key Marina, which is my departure point, is the beginning of a National Wildlife Refuge that extends southeast to the northern boundary of the Everglades National Park. These islands formed at the end of the last ice age. When the polar caps refroze, the sea level fell, exposing limestone outcroppings that later became foliated and became the Ten Thousand Islands that we have today.

In addition to good fishing, you'll have the opportunity to see manatee, dolphin, turtles and several of the 169 species of birds that inhabit this area.

The tides are perhaps the single most important factor in determining the feeding habits of fish although other factors such as barometric pressure, water temperature and currents should be considered when targeting your quarry. Here in southwest Florida we have diurnal tides, meaning there are two high tides and two low tides each day varying slightly to correspond with the lunar month. I suggest to all of my clients, if you have a choice, select the best tide and book it. But to most visitors from the north, I would say that the best fishing is when you can, so come visit our area and enjoy the majestic beauty of the backwaters of the Ten Thousand Islands.


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