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My day with Captain Jay

    One time I went fishing with my dad, my grandpa, and my brother off of Marco island Florida. We were with a man named Captain Jay. I think that Captain Jay is a very nice man. He even let me drive the boat for a while.


   Together we caught so many fish I counted about fifty. My brother caught a barracuda, some snook, a mackerel, a mish wich is short for mystery fish and a blue fish. My dad caught some snook, and some jack. My grandpa caught a few jack and he almost landed a three foot red fish.


    But I caught the most fish. I caught five snook, five jack, a catfish and I almost landed a five foot tarpon. My dad hooked on to a monsterous jack. It took all five of us to land it. That was the catch of the day.


     We had a fun time with each other.  We got there at six thirty in the morning. Some of the fish we caught we gave to Captain Jay so he could have fish for dinner that night and some we threw back in the water so that we could catch them another day. I was really happy that my grandpa was able to go fishing with us.


     To get to Marco island we had to drive across Alligator Alley. It took about an hour and a half to get there. The first thing we had to do was to get bait then we had lunch. For lunch we had some sandwiches that my dad and I made at home. Captain Jay had a fish sandwich and one of my sandwiches.


      I felt really good every time I caught a fish because it makes me feel very happy inside. My grandpa, my brother, my dad, Captain Jay, and I had a really fun time. It was one of the best times of my life.


       I wonder when we could all go fishing together again. That would be great for my family and I because we like to spend time with each other.


        When I was driving the boat the police came to check Captain Jays identification. Also we saw manatees swimming right next to us.


       Next time I want to bring some of my best friends with me. Then we would really have a blast!


By Sammy Weisberg


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